GTC Consulting Services

Services We Provide


GTC has a team of professionals with years of expertise managing large-scale projects that include big and heavy lift goods. Our strategy is to allocate direct supervision over each key component of project logistics and transportation. Our Projects Operations Specialist makes prior visits to important locations along the project’s corridor to understand potential difficulties. A Project Coordinator oversees all aspects of logistics, transportation …


GTC offers IT services to help clients keep up with evolving technology. We offer customized solutions including software development, network infrastructure, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and data management. Our team keeps up with the latest trends and technology. We believe IT should assist clients in achieving their business …


Technological advancements, creative business strategies, and swift market entrants are changing how people explore, buy, and live. Businesses need to create capabilities to succeed in this competitive environment. GTC Consulting has a capable back-up team that can maintain the core of the business and fast shift with the marketplace. Our procurement chain …

Vehicle Leasing

Our consulting firm provides a distinctive vehicle leasing service that enables clients to fulfill their contractual obligations. We offer flexible and specialized lease options to match the specific demands of each customer. Our team of industry specialists collaborates closely with clients to find
the best lease options that …

Event Management

Our consulting company provides event management services to support businesses in organizing unforgettable events that meet their goals. We offer a comprehensive range of services including event planning, budgeting, marketing, program development, logistics management …


We offer comprehensive HR services to help
businesses manage their human resources.
We offer services in wage and benefits,
employee relations and engagement, hiring
and talent management, and HR technology
and analytics. Our skilled team collaborates
closely with clients to understand their specif-
ic requirements and create tailored solution ..


We recognize that a company’s success is
greatly influenced by its employees. We pro-
vide a wide range of manpower services to
help firms find, keep, and develop outstanding
talent. Our client-specific services are
created with their unique requirements in
mind. We offer workforce planning, candidate
sourcing, screening, and …


We offer contractual cleaning agree-
ments to provide frequent and consistent
cleaning services to help businesses maintain
a clean, safe, and hygienic working environment. Our
cleaning services are tailored to each client’s requirements
and include office cleaning, commercial
cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, floor
cleaning, and restroom cleaning …


We offer a full range of waste management services on a contractual
basis to help organizations manage their waste effectively and
sustainably. We collaborate with clients to design unique waste
management strategies that meet their requirements and financial
constraints. We provide waste collection, transportation,
disposal, and recycling services …


We provide customized catering services to fit the specific requirements of each client. Our passion for excellence, professionalism, and honesty stems from under- standing that food and service quality is essential to an event’s success. Every element is carefully considered and every guest receives ….